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Kingham Village Fete: Meet the Outlaws

One of the many blessings of living in a vibrant village is the village fete.  A focus for communities that brings everyone together for fun and frolics in a traditional English gathering.  An annual tradition going back over two generations Kingham Village this year hosted a wild west theme complete with a ‘saloon’ for the bar and cowboys all over the place wielding everything from candy floss sticks to tombola tickets.

Poster of Kingham Village Fete 2018

Wild West Summer Fete 2018

Kingham Village Fete 2018

Dunk the Outlaw at Kingham Village Fete

It was a baking hot day and the best idea seemed to be to volunteer for ‘Dunk the Outlaw’ because getting absolutely soaked was the coolest option.  For the full horror of the video clip you will need to visit our facebook page!  The only problem was that this ended any suggestion of a cream tea in the tent or leisurely stroll around the stalls since, although cool, it was none the less an utterly soaking experience.

However, back to Kingham Cottages for a dip in the pool and everyone else was as wet as I was!

Swimming Pool at Kingham Cottages-gallery



Village life is very precious and Kingham Cottages were delighted to support Kingham Events who put on the fete as well as attend and join in.  All our guests are given a copy of the village newsletter in their cottage each month so that they too can join in the local activities and enjoy being part of the community whether it be for a weekend or several weeks.

Come and visit to enjoy it for yourself!