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Chip Lit Fest

Hurrah!  It’s here.

Chip Lit Fest 2022

From 21-24 April 2022 the wonderful Chip Lit Fest is back.  Spread across venues all over the Cotswold market town of Chipping Norton, four days of talks, readings and workshops are organised.  From evening soirees (strictly grown ups only) to raucous readings for under 5s, there is something for everyone.


Budding Writers Welcome Here

Dominic Sandbrook, Speaking on ‘Adventures Through Time’, his series for children


There are lots of opportunities for wanna-be writers to soak up wisdom and even book a 1:1 sessions with an agent.  Should this chosen path afflict you with the artistic life style of being stony broke there are also free events.

Coming and going

The Cotswold town of Chipping Norton

The centre of Chipping Norton is quite compact and so all the venues are within a 10 minute walk of one another and so don’t be afraid to book lots of tickets, it’s only a short walk from one to the other.  There’s free parking on the edge of town with a free park & ride helping people into the centre.  Once in, there are lots of pubs and cafes to support local business’ and of course several supermarkets should you want to stock up with a picnic.


Book now

Tickets are available from The Theatre, Chipping Norton and through .