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As seen on TV! George Clarke on The Pavilion

Amazing Spaces

George Clarke, of Channel 4’s Amazing Spaces fame couldn’t travel abroad due to Covid so cast around for interesting places to film in the UK.  Word reached him of our Moorish Pavilion right here in the Cotswolds so Gorgeous George came for a visit.


The Moorish Pavilion-Gardens at Kingham Lodge

The Moorish Pavilion set in the 5 acre garden of Kingham Lodge

Aired at 8pm on Friday 14th January, George filmed on a beautiful sunny day showing the pavilion off in all its sparkling glory and said “…this is beautiful, you could be in Morocco, but we’re in the Cotswolds!”

The Moorish Pavilion

Completed in 2018 the pavilion was conceived on the site of an old chicken shed after an arson attack destroyed the building.  Considerably more beautiful than the concrete and asbestos shed, it is built using stone carved in India and matched with local walling stone from Sarsden quarry just a few miles away.

Inspired by owner Chris Stockwell’s formative trips to Spain where he first visited Granada 50 years ago he said;

Exact copies from the Court of The Lions at the Generalife

“Early one April Sunday morning I pushed open the old wooden gate to enter the Generalife gardens of the Alhambra. I was alone. All the flowers of summer were blossoming, the sky was blue, the snows gleamed on the Sierra Nevada and dogs barked on the neighbouring hill of Sacromonte, where the gypsies were beginning to stir and light their wood fires. Down below in the town the bells of the churches were ringing. Beside me the rills of the garden gurgled and the fountains sparkled. The whole effect was magical, as near to Paradise on earth as it was possible for me to imagine.”

The pavilion is nestled in the 5 acre garden Chris and his wife Delphie have created over the last 30 years at Kingham Lodge and provides the same inspirational peace and tranquillity to visitors as Chris found in the Alhambra all those years ago.


How to visit

The garden is open to the public during the biennial charity sculpture show Sculpture at Kingham Lodge.  The next show is in May 2023, subscribe to the sporadic newsletter on the website or follow us on Facebook and Instagram to hear more.  Access to the gardens is also given to guests at Kingham Cottages, 5 holiday cottages  run by Chris and Delphie in the popular Cotswold village of Kingham.  To enquire about availability email

Master bedroom of Lodge Cottage

Heated indoor swimming pool with Hammam

Kingham Cottages-Berry Pen-Sitting

Sitting room of Berry Pen

Private courtyard garden of Lodge Cottage


Pavilion courtyard